Jochen Werne

It is my strong belief that we live in one of the most fascinating times the planet ever saw. A time in which we humans have the possibility – due to the enormous technological progress – to make the life of so many in our society a better ones and this without giving up our own well-being.

It is my strong belief that together we can create a better society. We should never forget, that bringing people from different cultures and backgrounds together, letting them discuss and reflect about another’s point of view already creates understanding and is the basis for common solutions. It’s equally something everyone of us can perform easily. It’s a way of people’s diplomacy and  already an act of peace.

It is my strong belief, speaking as seaman with a distinct passion for our oceans, that the human race and nature has to exist in equilibrium. To be able to keep the balance it is important to be aware about possible imbalances. For creating the right attention it needs passionate scientists and passionate communicators who are addressing the important topics to the wider public. With the support of the public and the possibilities of technology and diplomacy, humans always found creative solutions to even the most difficult situations they’ve faced in history

It is my strong belief that the chapters in this blog:  innovation and business, society and diplomacy, ocean and passion are strongly connected and that we together with our different talents in today’s connected world can push with positivity change for good forward, everyday.