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In January 2018 the Academy for Leadership quoted this strong believe I have in its lead magazine “Advance“.

A perfect example for the creative power of and what diplomacy can achieve is the Antarctic Treaty. During the high time of the Cold War in 1959, scientists and diplomats achieved to set-up a treaty, which allows to govern a whole continent by an international community of states.

With our GOST International Relations initiatives and personal relations to global network of governments, associations and diplomats we act in a way of people’s diplomacy to create awareness for important topics for our society.

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The Cambridge Dictionary defines the point of no return as the stage at which it is no longer possible to
A historical-social innovation briefing for a world where military high-security standards meet digital crypto-assets The 10 most successful bank robberies
The ten most successful bank robberies in human history, in which the equivalent of US$1.62 billion was captured at great
The world's first armoured electric money transporter is now in use at the security service provider Prosegur. Since the armouring
Especially in the Corona pandemic, digital technologies proved their usefulness: through them, companies were more adaptable in the crisis. What
Data literacy encompasses the data skills that are important for all people in a world shaped by digitalisation. It is
Interview mit Jochen Werne, CDO/CVO Prosegur Germany, zu effizienteren Prozessen nach dem Lockdown In seinem Experten-Interview beleuchtet Jochen Werne zentrale
Expedition „UNITED OCEANS“ “The severe pandemic brought pain and hardship to all our lives and many of our efforts to
Buying Crypto with Cash: Prosegur supports the operation of Bitcoin-ATM‘s in Germany “I have always been firmly convinced that it
The Tyto Tech 500 Power List is an objective, data-based survey of various technology sectors in Germany, France and the
Cash, book money and free availability by JOCHEN WERNE published in DER BANK BLOG (30 October 2020) - For the
Does cash have a future? An article by Dunja Koelwel, editor in chief of gi Geldinstitute | 20.10.2020 - 13:02
Hauptstadt-TV reported on August 6, 2020. Coverage here Today, on 6 August 2020, the time had come for a world
We are living and experiencing a time where we are globally opening borders again. It’s a time of hope and
Von der Antarktis zu Artifical Intelligence, eine von Menschen gemachte Reise zwischen Brillanz und Wahnsinn
Unlimited availability of our money and its ability to be used as a medium of exchange create certainty and lead
It has been a privilege contributing as co-author for the fifth time to an inspiring book project. “CRM goes digital“
Successful ransomware attacks and thefts of data and passwords have unequivocally demonstrated that technical defensive measures are to be considered
Handelsblatt Managing Corona Webinar YOU CAN‘T GO AGAINST THE SEA mit Jochen Werne
It is a great pleasure giving a keynote at the WIWO Digital Suite 2020 and to discuss the topic „Back
It‘s a great privilege commanding the flag ship of Expedition „BLACK SEA DRAGON“ during this offshore challenge through the Black
Those who put the customer at the heart of their data strategy, will be those who come out on top.
Europe is more. Preparing for the second half of digitisation. A plea from Johannes Winter & Jochen Werne
It was greatly stimulating discussing innovation and the impacts of modern technology on our business and society with international experts
Natalie Turner, Host of disruptive LIVE and Jochen Werne, CDO/CVO of Prosegur Cash Services, Germany in a lively discussion about
On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Managing Director Dr. Stefan Hirschmann and his team from VÖB-Services organised an inspiring BANKENNETZWERK networking
"Money is perhaps the most concentrated and acute form and expression of trust in the social and state order," said
This prize to be awarded to the person, group or team that contributed the most to the goal of creating
It's a great pleasure supporting on October 28, this year's DIGITAL SUMMIT together with other experts from the "Platform Learning
"It was a great inspiration to meet so many committed people in just one day, ambitious and authentically personally committed,
Keynote: ARE CERTAIN CULTURES MORE PREDISPOSED TO CYBER-THREATS? Great discussions on the suspicious nature of society with data experts at
It's a great pleasure seeing GOST's Documentation Officer Stefano Malvestio in an in-depth Interview with Italian TV-station Asterisco about Navigator's
The Lord Warden Cup is a 200nm Offshore Sailing Challenge from Dover to Portsmouth and back, with the goal to
EXCELLENT! 20 years of efforts aimed at maintaining naval traditions and history, keeping alive the exploits of pioneer explorers, uniting
What's next? Expedition into the digital spheres 25. JULY 2019 BY JULIANE WAACK - KEYNOTE BY Jochen Werne For the opening
TV: ARD/BR-Abendschau - Interview about Navigators Heritage It has been a great pleasure being invited as studio guest to the
I'm proud having the opportunity to publish today this homage to all on- and offshore members of the Global Offshore
The Working Group 2 "Future of Work and Human-Machine Interaction" of the German Platform for Artificial Intelligence "Platform Learning Systems"
An interview series made by Entrepreneur Sascha Adam, wegofive Find article here In the penultimate part 3 of our interview
Author: Jochen Werne First published in German at LinkedIn Pulse on July 20, 2019. Please find article and sources in
This Tuesday at sea, at the foot of the imposing Institute of Oceanography, Prince Albert II laid a wreath in
The speaker this morning is Jochen Werne, a graduate banking and marketing specialist. As director and authorized signatory, he is
As part of the cycle of commemorations in honour of Prince Albert I, H.S.H. Prince Albert II laid a wreath
Also in the second part of our interview we do not go directly into the technical aspects of the introduction
Jochen Werne, Director Marketing & Business Development at Bankhaus August Lenz, explains in his keynote address how we can shape
On Friday the 28th of June at 7.30 p.m. the exclusive Navigators Heritage Red Carpet Event will take place at
Jochen Werne is full-time Director & Authorized Officer for Bankhaus August Lenz & Co. AG of the Mediolanum Banking Group
Banking Professionals are faced with many new challenges as PSD2 & Instant Payments in Europe at center stage which are
The NAVIGATORS HERITAGE CHALLENGE is a 360 nautical mile OFFSHORE SAILING CHALLENGE where navigators are allowed to use only instruments
What role does humans play in times of exponential technological developments and how does this influence our society?
It has been greatly inspiring giving a keynote on the impacts of AI on business and society and to discuss
German Naval officers reflect about Antarctica and its importance for our society.
Looking greatly forward to give a keynote on the impacts of AI on business and society and to discuss with
Article published in the Advance Magazine 01/2018 Translated by DeepL   2012 Expedition "Cerberus", day 3. A workplace to
Monaco Info reported about the Expedition Antarctic Blanc's Press Conference at the Yacht Club de Monaco interviewing Expedition Leader Jochen
"Wille, Durchsetzungskraft und ein Ziel. Marianne Frank-Mast und ihre Unterstützer sind mit ihrem Projekt: Mädchenschule-Khadigram e.V. ein herausragendes Beispiel, wie
It has been a great pleasure not only to give a speech at the plenary meeting for the Wirtschaftsjunioren Hamburg,
It has been an honour for the delegation of GOST's Expedition Antarctic Blanc consisting of Jochen Werne (Expedition Leader), Dr.
Interview über Seefahrt, das Meer und Leidenschaft mit mü im Deutschen Museum
It's greatly inspiring and an honour being part of this unique platform which is concentrating knowledge and illustrating perspectives in
Handelsblatt AI Summit: Revolutionary technology & the impact on our society. AI thought leaders met on the 21st and 22nd
Le gouvernement français invite l'Expédition Antarctique Blanc st un grand honneur d'avoir reçu une invitation du ministère français de la
Handelsblatt KI-Summit - Thoughtleaders in AI meet in Munich. It's a great pleasure having the chance to meet international experts
French government invites Expedition Antarctic Blanc Initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron, it's a great honour having received an invitation
On Feb 12, 1942, the Channel Dash happened. 70 years later, on Feb 12, 2012, the Global Offshore Sailing Team
Presidential reception for Expedition Antarctic Blanc reaches more than 1.5 million people
This quote by Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen has been chosen by the Hofburg‘s prestigious press corps to introduce
Human. Digital. Culture. Our life in times of exponential technologies
On 22 January 2019 at 11 a.m., Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen will welcome a delegation from the international
Captured in a video. IMPRESSIONS: Expedition Antarctic Blanc & The Netherlands Polar Symposium Keynote Highlights (Special Video Cut). GOST delegation

Keynote on Diplomacy at the Armed Forces Day Memorial Service in Miami, Florida

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