WE are living in one of the most fascinating times our planet has ever seen. A time when, thanks to enormous technological progress, we humans have the opportunity to improve the lives of so many people in our society without sacrificing our own well-being.

TOGETHER we can create a better society. We should never forget that bringing people from different cultures and backgrounds together, discussing and reflecting on each other’s perspectives already creates understanding and is the basis for forward-looking solutions. It is also something that each of us can easily do. It is a way of people’s diplomacy. In times of great change, which automatically leads to uncertainty, it helps to provide historical and technological understanding and analogies to today’s discussants in order to find better solutions for all possible consequences of new inventions on our society.

BALANCE. As a sailor with a great passion for our oceans, I strongly believe that man and nature must be in balance. To maintain balance, it is important to be aware of possible imbalances. To generate the right attention, it takes passionate scientists and passionate communicators to reach out to the general public with the important issues. With the support of the public and the power of technology and diplomacy, people have repeatedly found creative solutions to the most difficult situations they have faced in history.

THIS BLOG aims to give insights and to create understanding as well as to inspire further discussion in the areas INNOVATION & BUSINESS SOCIETY & DIPLOMACYOCEAN & PASSION

I strongly believe that in today’s interconnected world, together with our different talents, we can make positive changes for a better world every day.

Jochen Werne
published and quoted