From Cash & Crypto. What are the key success factors of money.

It’s a great pleasure giving beside other experts a keynote speech at this year’s Project Networks Strategy Summit 2021 Marketing & E-Commerce.

SAVE THE DATE: 18 May 2021 – 15:50 – 16:25

About the Keynote held by Jochen Werne

Platform Money: From Cash to Cryptocurrencies? Trust and security as parameters for the success of money in a digital world

It’s all about the money
Cash and digitalisation – how do they fit together?
Rethinking Cash: can cash go digital?
Too big to digitize? On the way to a digital euro
“Everything that can be digitised will be digitised,” said former Hewlett Packard boss Carly Fiorina in 2009. The trend towards digital transformation has received another enormous boost against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic. Does this also apply to something as physical as cash?

Jochen Werne, Chief Development Officer of Prosegur Germany, presents the current initiatives for a digital euro, explains the differences to other electronic means of payment, uses Facebook’s cryptocurrency “Libra” to shed light on the cornerstones of a good and bad communication strategy and gives an outlook on what the digitalisation of cash means for the business model of Germany’s market leader for cash-in-transit and cash management.

About the Strategy Summit

2020 has brought a huge surge in digitization as a result of the pandemic and has permanently changed the framework conditions for B2B marketing and digital business. This has once again accelerated the strong market dynamics, which are manifested, for example, in changed buyer behavior and in market-dominating platforms and ecosystems. At the same time, many companies in B2B have been able to benefit from strong demand even in times of Corona, eCommerce has brought revenue growth in numerous companies. Well-established processes and efficient digital sales channels are the prerequisites for this success.  

What lessons can be learned from this for marketing and digital business in 2021?