Meetup: Influencer Marketing for FinTech and Banks

 “Thanks a lot Stefanie Milcke for the panel invitation to a great evening.

Check out this Meetup: Influencer Marketing for FinTech and Banks. Looking greatly forward to inspiring discussions”

This meetup is for all fans of the previous one about storytelling the other day and a special wish by one of my guests: Influencer Marketing.

I have invited some very cool speakers to tell us about their idea / business / approach in marketing – which I see more or less connected to influencer marketing:

– Gerald Feind: How bloggers think and work (B2C)
– Jochen Werne: Becoming an influencer yourself (B2B)
– Ralf Mardeis: Platform meets Influencers (B2C)
– Thomas Braun: Platform meets video production (B2B/B2C)

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