Artificial intelligence in the financial sector

It has been pleasure being guest author for the DIGIPRAKTIKER, Finanz Colloquium Heidelberg.

What role does the human factor play in times of exponential technological progress?

Author: Jochen Werne, Director Business Development, Product Management, Treasury and Payment Services at Bankhaus August Lenz & Co. AG

I. Introduction

The only constant in history was, is and remains change. Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in 1450 was a milestone on the timeline of human development. Today we still take note of this invention, which was considered an innovation at that time, but we have long lived surrounded by smartphones and cloud applications, in which we can store the most private information and retrieve it from anywhere in the world. Today’s change is being driven by a veritable digital revolution.

Digital change already has fundamental consequences for individuals and their lifestyles, but it is developing its full potential when it comes to interacting with our social environment. In times of smart robotics and maturing systems in relation to artificial intelligence, the question arises again and again what role humans play on the stage of these technologies. Is he …

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Video: Full ec4u digital thoughts Conference Keynote: What’s next? Expeditions into the digital realm

Jochen Werne, Director Marketing & Business Development at Bankhaus August Lenz, explains in his keynote address how we can shape the future from the innovations and topics of the past and why digitization must be thought of not only technologically but also culturally.

ec4u Digital Thoughts Conference Keynote

Jochen Werne, Direktor Marketing & Business Development beim Bankhaus August Lenz, erläutert in seiner Keynote, wie wir aus den Innovationen und Themen der Vergangenheit in der Gegenwart die Zukunft gestalten können und warum Digitalisierung nicht nur technologisch, sondern auch kulturell gedacht werden muss.

Meetup: Influencer Marketing for FinTech and Banks

 “Thanks a lot Stefanie Milcke for the panel invitation to a great evening.

Check out this Meetup: Influencer Marketing for FinTech and Banks. Looking greatly forward to inspiring discussions”

This meetup is for all fans of the previous one about storytelling the other day and a special wish by one of my guests: Influencer Marketing.

I have invited some very cool speakers to tell us about their idea / business / approach in marketing – which I see more or less connected to influencer marketing:

– Gerald Feind: How bloggers think and work (B2C)
– Jochen Werne: Becoming an influencer yourself (B2B)
– Ralf Mardeis: Platform meets Influencers (B2C)
– Thomas Braun: Platform meets video production (B2B/B2C)